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dual purposed white swiss shepherds

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latest news 25th of September

Whew, how time flies! Feels like its only been a couple of days, but really, its been like a couple of weeks since we moved here. The dogs have gotten used to our home well, faster than I expected. Competing with them has been mostly successful, both Prince and Waldo have earned BH title! Also Prince and Pixie have earned their first obedience merit (TK1) in beginners class, wehee! I've been busy with our own events; I'm hosting agility competition and breed show event in here Lumos next month! If things go as I plan, we'll have our first Lumos bred litter in December, eek!

Huomioithan, että Lumos on virtuaalikenneli ja lisäinfoa löydät täällä!
Please notice that Lumos is a SIM-game kennel and you can read more in English here!

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