Blue Star Spartan

nimiBlue Star Spartan "Spartan"
rotu, sukupuoliAmerican Quarter Horse ori
värityshphja, sek, otj vsk, vtj oej ksk, vej psk, ept
säkäkorkeushopeanruunikko päistärikkö, 160cm
syntynyt, ikä23.08.2013, 6v - IRL-ikääntyminen
koulutusreining, western trail, barrel racing & IntI 100cm
rekisterinumerotVH19-014-0049 & PKK3279 & RCHA4246
kasvattajaBlue Star AQHs, Texas United States
omistaja, kotitalliVeronica Marston VRL-13283, asuu ?
KTK-I & sertit VIP MVA

Spartan has a pleasant personality. Docile and calm natured and he gets along well with people. Highly intelligent and willing to please. Easy to train, handle, and keep, and because he has a steady and gentle demeanor, he is a wonderful companion. Spartan is known for his strength and speed, but those features are perfectly combined with a mild temperament and a versatile personality that allows him to be loving companion and pleasure horse, as well as dedicated work horse.