They're taking the Hobbits to Isenga- wait! What?

Since I was a little kid, my dream was always to visit New Zealand. Living in the Continental Europe did have it's goods, and I have to admit, that after coming to visit New Zealand for the first time, I was terrified. Like seriously terrified. It was surrounded by sea, and in my opinion it wasn't as safe as my home country. It could like sink in a blink, or a tropical hurricane could swipe over us at any time. Well, after a while I forgot my fears and enjoyed the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. Mr. Tolkien's world had always been my absolute favourite, and being able to witness it all was just something so mind blowing. Then I decided that some day I would move here and live the rest of my happy life here, going on adventures every day in the same scenery, where my favourite heroes had been.

It took me almost a decade before I was able to live my dream. I worked hard to earn and save money, and finally the day came. I bought a little house with a large backyard (for the dogs ofc), got all the paperwork done, packed my necessities and came here. The pack would absolutely love living here, as would I.

My kennel name Lumos came from my love for the Harry Potter -series. By the time I was almost marathoned the Strain -tv serie, the name came to me like a lightning from the sky (hiya Thor!). In this tv-serie, there were this book called Lumen, meaning light. To me, word Lumen wasn't that inspiring on its own, but it got me thinking about that scene from the Prisoner of the Azkaban, where Harry was on his bed under the covers reading one of his Wizarding books using Lumos-spell. Blimey - as Ron would say, it was perfect! Lumos! It meant in Pseudo-Latin ”Great Light".

Later, when my German Shepherd pack grew, and needed its own kennel name, it wasn't hard to think of the perfect name. Night is dark and full of terrors, or so the Red Priestess told me, so there wasn't any other choice. Nox was perfect.

A little country-ish town called Matamata

  • - a rural Waikako town in New Zealand
  • - part of the Matamata-Piako District
  • - with a population of around 7,500
  • - known for Thoroughbred horse breeding and training pursuits

  • - people living there are mostly farmers: livestock and sheep
  • - a farm in Matamata was the location for the Hobbinton
  • - that same Hobbinton was used in both films; The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy ♥

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Huomioithan, että Lumos on virtuaalikenneli ja lisäinfoa löydät täällä!
Please notice that Lumos is a SIM-game kennel and you can read more in English here!

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