My goal as White Swiss Shepherd breeder

Like all the other dog breeders, my breeder goal is to produce dogs of sound temperament, health and body. Sound temperament meaning that the dog is attentive, lively and balanced, enjoys action and can be easily trained. Because of those abilities, the White Swiss Shepherd is a great companion, service, and working dog. They have the natural physical and mental ability to be used for home protection, agility, obedience, herding, therapy and tracking disciplines. The White Swiss Shepherd is also a great family dog! My dogs get written evaluations by a judge; testing for temperament soundness as well as structural quality before breeding.

Health is no less important! Before breeding, my dogs get elbow, hip, back (DM), MDR1, eye and heart evaluation. If a dog is accepted for breeding, its elbows must be between 0 to 1, hips between A to C, eyes clear and heart clear. DM carrier (DM/N) or at risk (DM/DM) will be bred with clear (N/N) dog. Dogs who are MDR positive will not be used for breeding. Only dogs with MDR1: -/+ (carrier) and MDR1: +/+ (clear) are qualified for breeding.

Besides things I mentioned above, vVAPY (Finnish virtual White Swiss Shepherd Society) requires three things from stud dogs and brood bitches. Parent of a dual purposed litter has to have a champion title in e.g agility, at least H-mention (meaning good) from a show judge, and valid BH-test, allowing the dog to specialize being e.g a schutzhund or search and rescue dog.

All my dogs are dual purposed; goal of being successful as a working and a show dog. Same goes for puppies bred by me. I'll not sell puppies just for working, so be prepared to compete in shows also! Puppies leave for their new homes healthy and happy dogs-to-be with vFCI registration number.

How do I get Lumos bred puppy?

Terms of sale

- mention that the dog is bred by Lumos
with a link to the kennel's home page
- puppy will go only to a active owner
be ready to compete!
- you must compete with your dog in both work and show competitions
by work I mean for excample agility, herding etc
- last puppy of the litter can't be used in breeding
so the line doesn't get too common


- kasvattajaksi koiran sivulle merkitään Lumos
linkitettynä kennelin etusivulle
- pentu lähtee vain aktiiviselle omistajalle
ole valmiina kisaamaan koiran kanssa!
- koiran kanssa tulee kisata sekä käyttökisoja että näyttelyitä
käyttökisalla tarkoitan agilityä, paimennusta jne
- pentueen viimeinen pentu ei lähde uuteen kotiin jalostusoikeudella
ettei linjasta tule liian yleinen, mainitsethan siis ostotarjouksessa haluavasi jalostuskoiran!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! More information about the actual puppies you can find behind litter link!

Huomioithan, että Lumos on virtuaalikenneli ja lisäinfoa löydät täällä!
Please notice that Lumos is a SIM-game kennel and you can read more in English here!

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